APD develops creative solutions to challenging micromachining problems, using precision diamond saws to cut and machine a large variety of hard brittle materials.

To complement our prototype focused processes, APD offers:

  • low to medium volume wafer dicing capacity as backup to current dicing processes
  • process development support for new product development
  • cost reduction solutions for products currently in production

APD can:

  • make cuts as small as 25 microns wide
  • perform trenching with variations in depth to < 5 microns over a 4" cut
  • process wafers as thin as 50 microns
  • cut wafers as thick as 10 mm
  • handle wafers as large as 300 mm
  • cut die as small as 100 microns square
  • place cuts inside of cuts to create a custom trench profile
  • make standard entry cuts and plunge cuts
  • ship in waffle packs, gel packs and on tape & ring

Here are some specific applications where we have successfully applied our knowledge to provide cutting edge solutions.


  • Micromachining of 75 micron thick Nitinol wire. The wire was cut into 1.8 mm lengths and 3 notches were cut into the sides of the piece. The notches were 38 microns deep and 175 microns wide with 2 notches placed on the opposite side from the third.
  • Micromachining of various sizes of Nitinol springs and tubes.


  • Cutting of 750 micron diameter glass and ceramic tubes.
  • Cutting of custom sized microscope slides with delicate surface processing.


  • Sawing of 1/4" thick quartz photomask.
  • Sawing Silicon/Pyrex material with a special blade to provide an 8 degree sidewall.
  • Providing "near Polished" cuts to eliminate a polishing step for the end customer.


  • Delivering cut silicon pieces on non-tack tape to facilitate an automatic pick and place process.
  • Dicing of wafers with very fragile bumps.
  • Cutting and picking of die pieces from a 50 micron thick wafer.


  • Placing high aspect ratio cuts in Ferrite toroids. (50 microns wide and 3.25 mm deep).
  • Precision routing of very small printed circuit boards from panels.

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