APD provides ready-to-use custom chips that can be used as shims, spacers, and coupons for prototyping and testing that can be laser marked with serial numbers, part numbers or bar codes. This saves you time, money and hassle.

What we make according to your specifications:

  • We create rectangular die pieces made of non-metallic materials (think silicon, glass, sapphire, etc.) with very precise X, Y and Z dimensions. Optionally, you can specify custom coatings or special laser markings for identification.

The current DIY (do it yourself) approach:

  • Find a wafer house and buy the wafer
  • Backgrind the wafer to the desired thickness
  • Polish the wafer (if required)
  • Add the oxide layer (or whatever type of layer required)
  • Find a dicing house and get the wafer diced
  • Add the serial number (if required)
  • Package the coupons in either a waffle pack, gel-paks, or tape and ring

The better way.

  • Simply fill out the form on the right-hand side. In the comments section tell us what the final part looks like and then let us know how many you need. A drawing would be great but is not required.

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